New home to my Scrapbook

Just moved this blog from RedHat's OpenShift gear it was running on to a DigitalOcean droplet. I have to pay to host this thing now, but I guess it'll be fun to work on my own server environment with tiny experimental projects. Got all sorts of ideas like running Tiny Tiny RSS on this thing, so I can have a computer-independent feed reader. (Actually, that is the biggest reason I persuaded myself to switch to this new location) Anyone preferring to use a free service similar to DigitalOcean should definitely check out OpenShift, though. I didn't pay much attention to their infrastructure or anything at the time, but I suspect I could have done most of what I plan to do with this new DigitalOcean droplet with the free version of their gears. If you want to learn how I set up Ghost to an OpenShift gear, you can read the post I wrote a while back on that.

Thanks to the developers of Ghost, by the way, migrating my posts to the new location was quite easy. All I had to do was exporting a JSON file from the old instance and importing it to the new one. Can't say the same about the images, though. I had SSH into the gear to copy those, which is how I learned how I can SSH into an OpenShift gear, even though it was too late and I had already fired up a droplet and was way into the server setup.

Anyways, now I'm working on getting a simple CSS to work for my homepage, sole purpose of which will be directing its visitors to my accounts on the platforms I use frequently. Next stop, TinyTinyRSS!